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Viasphere Technopark is a state of the art commercial technology park in Yerevan, Armenia, providing infrastructure to local startups and ICT companies worldwide looking to extend their core development offshore. Viasphere Technopark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viasphere International operating since July 2000 currently housing several US-based subsidiaries developing advanced technologies in variety of ICT fields. The Technopark is a hotspot of companies looking to capitalize on Armenia’s proven technical capabilities.

In addition to providing a vital bridge to Silicon Valley, USA, Viasphere Technopark provides the facilities, infrastructure and support services to companies for cost effective speed-to-market and scalability.

Viasphere Technopark is highly regarded by the ICT community in Armenia as a center of excellence for incubating and accelerating both overseas subsidiaries and local startups. The Technopark interacts with technical universities and institutes in area of advanced research with commercial applicability in Europe and the US.