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Viasphere International works with companies interested to extend operations offshore, through Viasphere Technopark, as virtual or wholly owned subsidiaries. A virtual subsidiary is a standalone entity, typically, based in the US or the same local as the company, with representation from the company and Viasphere. Viasphere and the company manage the offshore entity via the virtual subsidiary. Viasphere provides the infrastructure and corporate management capabilities while the company provides funding and operational management.

The virtual subsidiary is an ideal vehicle in cases where the company wishes to have the operations and management of offshore development to a captive entity that it manages virtually - hence the name virtual subsidiary. A virtual subsidiary is designed for a strategic acquisition based on a business agreement at a predetermined future timeframe by the company thus providing a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

The virtual subsidiary is a proven model that Viasphere has perfected to provide scalability and retention to the offshore operation without placing financial, legal or corporate burden on the operating company.